Changes in Spam Settings With Office 365 Email

What’s Changed: The SPAM folder in Outlook 2016 (with the ALLOWED SENDERS, BLOCKED SENDERS, and QUARANTINE sub-folders) is no longer used. The folder can be deleted but if you want to use those emails to create new block / approved senders lists you can.

Junk Email folder
Your JUNK EMAIL folder is now the only place you need to go to look for emails that may have been blocked by the spam filter. Messages still need to pass 2 filters (Server and Outlook), but now anything flagged by either filter goes to this folder.

Removing messages from Junk Email folder –
1. Open Outlook 2016
2. Click on your JUNK EMAIL folder on the left-hand navigation panel
3. Right-click on the message you want to remove from Spam
4. Select JUNK à NOT JUNK

5. A box will pop up asking whether you want to always trust e-mail from that sender. Check the box and click OK if you want to add that user to your Whitelist (uncheck the box and click OK to just remove the one message from Spam). Note: if you check the box and click OK, any future emails from that sender will not go into your Junk Email folder. Any existing messages will not be moved from Junk Email unless you move them.

Marking messages as spam (moving to Junk Email folder) –
1. Open Outlook 2016
2. Right-click on the message you want to mark as spam
3. Select JUNK à Block Sender

Managing spam settings –

1. Open Outlook 2016
2. From the top-left navigation bar, under the HOME tab, select JUNK à JUNK E-MAIL OPTIONS….

3. Under the OPTIONS tab – the level of protection should be set to HIGH

4. The SAFE SENDERS tab is your list of approved senders. Add any addresses here (by clicking ADD…) that you do NOT want to go into your JUNK E-Mail folder. Putting just the domain will accept all messages from that domain (Ex. will accept all messages sent from

5. The BLOCKED SENDERS tab is your list of all senders you would like to go directly to your Junk E-Mail folder. As with the Safe Senders list you can add domains to block any email from a particular domain.

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