Quick Reference: My BackPack Reports & Java Version 751

A recent Java update has changed the behavior of My BackPack reports. Due to the way the report preview tool interacts with your browser, Java blocks the report from running in ‘Report Preview’ mode by default. This only impacts users who have access to reports in My BackPack, meaning only members of the Faculty and Admin communities who have Java version 751. This does not impact any Parents, Applicants, or Constituents, or Faculty and Admin users with a Java version prior to 751.

If a user encounters problems because of the Java update, there are several ways to run these reports.

1. The reports offer multiple viewing options. Only the ‘Report Preview’ option is impacted by this change. HTML, PDF, and Excel format options are not affected.

2. You can add your My BackPack URL to Java’s ‘Exception Site List’ via the Java Control Panel. This is a one-time process that you only need to perform once per workstation (the change will carry over to all installed browsers).

How to Add My BackPack to Java’s ‘Exception Site List’

Java version 751 blocks the ‘Report Preview’ tool from running in My BackPack (this does not impact viewing reports in HTML, PDF, or Excel formats). In order to use the ‘Report Preview’ tool, faculty and admin users whose workstations use Java version 751 should add their My BackPack URL to Java’s ‘Exception Site List’.

1. Go to Start > Programs > Java, then select Configure Java.

2. Click the Security tab. Then, click the ‘Edit Site List…’ button.

3. The Exception Site List appears. To add to this list, click the ‘Add’ button and enter your My BackPack URL.

4. Click ‘OK’ to save your changes.

5. Once you have added your My BackPack URL to the list, close all programs and restart the computer. After restarting the computer, you should be able to access the ‘Report Preview’ tool in My BackPack, using Java version 751.