Subscribing to the Master Calendar on a Mobile Device

Lawrence Academy’s Master Calendar is available to mobile devices both as a link (URL) and an iCal feed.

Link (URL):
This link will open in your mobile device’s web browser giving you a live look at the calendar (updated real-time). Every time you click on the link you get the most recent version of the calendar (if you leave the calendar open in your browser, you will need to refresh the page to view any updates to the calendar).

* Note: We are working on making this URL more user friendly and will update this document when that happens.

The iCal link will import the Master Calendar into the calendar program on your mobile device. iCal calendars are not supported by all devices and are not “live” calendars (they update periodically). Due to many small issues we have seen over the years, iCal feeds are not recommended by the Technology Department. We do understand the convenience it provides so we are providing directions but please be aware it is not a perfect technology.

Below are directions for adding the iCal to iPhone and Android devices.

** iPhone Directions **

** Android Directions**
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